Coming This Summer

Pattypalooza 2013 June 8th

Patrick Collum & The Law are proud to be a part of Pattypalooza 2013.  This is an annual event that partners with the Alzheimer's Association of Middle Tennessee to raise money and awareness to eliminate Alzheimer's disease.  Learn more about this great cause and event at

"The Basics" Available Now

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The Basics - Patrick Collum & The Law

“The Basics” is Patrick Collum, his old Gibson acoustic guitar, and his life-long friend and bassist, Grey Stepp, sitting in a room with a microphone doing what they love most. This album is all natural, no sugar added. The acoustic guitar, mixed with an occasional tambourine for rhythm, sets the backdrop for the two vocalists to paint stories into life. If this album were a juice, they would sell it in the Organic section, and charge you double; however, that’s not the case. “The Basics” is Patrick Collum and The Law’s follow up album to “Ramblin’ Woman,” which was a polished release that boasted the band’s radio debut that spanned from the Georgia coast all the way to Northern Canada. Here, in this heartfelt sophomore release, they reveal the real soul of their music as they take it back to “The Basics.”

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